CANCELED: Websites for Actors
6:30pm 6:30pm

CANCELED: Websites for Actors

An actor’s website is the single place they can send agents and casting directors to find their headshot, resume, demo reel, and other media.

Yet, most actors don’t know where to even begin to build a site of their own.

In this 90-minute class, Matt Longmire will guide you through the creation of your own site using Squarespace, a simple but powerful tool that’s as easy to use as most word processors.

We’ll talk about things like…
- Purchasing your own domain name such as
- Collecting and preparing your materials for your site.
- The option of blogging and how that might benefit your career.
- Building your site from scratch and how that’s much easier than it sounds.
- Maintaining your site and using it to get you work.

Class begins at 6:30 pm and runs to approximately 8:00 leaving plenty of time for questions.

Tuition is $40 payable via Credit Card, cash, or check at the beginning of the class.


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Acting Reels from Start to Finish
7:00pm 7:00pm

Acting Reels from Start to Finish

A workshop for actors on preparing or updating their video reel.

It’s common for an actor’s reel to be the first, and often only, thing a casting director or agent sees. Your reel is one of your most important tools in the acting world. Make it count.

Join Matt Longmire, a local director & editor who’s spent years in New York, Lost Angeles, and now Seattle, working with actors on set and on creating reels that get them work.

This 2-hour workshop/presentation covers everything from what to include, how to edit, and what to do with your reel once it’s finished. If you already have a reel, bring it in for critique if desired, or learn a few things for preparing your next one.

What you'll learn:

  • What makes a great reel
  • What agents and casting directors are looking for
  • What to include and what to avoid
  • Choosing your material
  • "Real" work vs. filmed scenes
  • Editing your reel
  • What to do with it once it's ready

Class takes place at Chris Soldevilla's "The Studio" in the Coppertop Complex off of Sportsman Club Road. It will begin at 7 pm and will end before 9 pm, leaving plenty of time for questions both during and at the end of the session. Cost is $40 per student. It will also be audio & screen-recorded and students will be able to download a copy to review so they can watch it as many times as they’d like. Attending the class means that students agree not to share that recorded file.


You may be able to pay cash at the door but purchasing your ticket & registering now guarantees you a seat in the class.

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