Directed & Edited by Matt Longmire / Written by Matt Longmire & Liz Ellis

Michael Anthony is a broken man. He goes about each day waiting for something to happen. Something to get him out of his perpetual “funk.” Until one day, while performing a few simple chores like doing his laundry, he meets a couple of… socks.

These are not your ordinary socks. They’re complete assholes. As if Michael needed anything else to make his life worse, these two are determined to push him to his limit. They take a man on the edge and push little by little until he just can’t take it anymore until he finally… well… you’ll see.

Life Socks was written, filmed, & edited to completion within 48 hours during Seattle’s 2015 48 Hour Film Project. It screened to an audience of filmmakers and won the “Audience Favorite Award” for its group.

Life Socks then went on to win “Best Actor” for Ted Dowling (Michael Anthony) as well as “Best in City” out of over 71 qualifying films.


Chuck Koonce – Director of Photography
Anne Pariseau – Assistant Director
Carli Plute – Sound Mixer
Hayden Longmire – Craft Services


Michael Anthony – Ted Dowling
Steve – Nathaniel Buechler
Lefty – Matt Longmire
Motivational Voice – Hayden Longmire