Made in 2003, just after graduating from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, full of hopes and dreams of becoming an actor, I wrote & directed "Delivering Justice" with a friend from school because, well... We weren't getting any acting work. During the making of "Delivering Justice," I realized just how much I enjoyed writing and creating this silly little film and from then on, I spent far more time behind the camera than in front.

"Delivering Justice" tells the story of Dirk Freewill, a mildly obsessive pizza delivery guy who's only dream is to one day, rid the world of crime as a bonafide police officer. Until then, he's content to write parking tickets on post-it notes and spend his free time watching cops.

Is he a hero? Well... no.

But he wants to be.


DISCLAIMER: Please don't judge my current capabilities as a filmmaker after watching this little short. It was fun to make but after 13 years of practice, I've come along way in my career. However, maybe you could use a laugh. In that case, enjoy.