Interview with Karen Sella of Luminanda

I've worked with Karen Sella of Luminanda on several projects for her holistic coaching business. I asked her a few questions about her experience both in creating and in using those videos. She was kind enough to answer my questions thoroughly and you might find some of this feedback useful in making your own decisions about your own marketing.

What gave you the idea to create a video for your business?
“Our first project, the promotional video, a yoga client of mine suggested that I should consider connecting with you to create an introductory video to give people more of a felt experience of working with me. The subsequent instructional videos were also inspired by clients who wanted me to produce some yoga and meditation videos that they could access when traveling or as a way to reinforce their desire to practice at home.”

What were you hoping to achieve by creating those videos?
“I wanted to give people a taste of what it's like to work with me without being overtly "sales-y" -- something visually appealing, relaxing, and representational of the Luminanda brand, which means "light" and "bliss."  I was interested in conveying the inner dimensions of yoga beyond asana, and playing with the yogic metaphor of light as self-realization. And of course, I wanted to avoid being in it since being filmed felt a bit intimidating.”
“In the AM/PM yoga instructional videos, I wanted to demonstrate some easy sequences that people could do at home or on the road. I was experimenting with the idea of promotional products complementing my existing service offerings and thought that I might sell DVDs or online versions. “

What was your experience in creating these videos?

“It was more than OK to be honest. I really enjoyed collaborating with you, so much so that I hired you for two more projects. I actually blogged about our initial project, which was my first time experimenting with this medium.”

How did you use them once they were finished?
“The promotional video is the first thing people see when people visit the Yoga page on my website. I initially sold the DVD versions of the instructional videos, and now, include these as complimentary gifts as appropriate for relevant workshops and coaching packages. The online versions are a free resource available to clients and public alike.”

What kind of reaction did you get from viewers? Anything unexpected?

“People are very complimentary of the videos. Visitors to the website sometimes remark about how beautiful and meditative the yoga banner is, and my clients love the instructional yoga videos. One of my clients does the PM one with her ten-year-old son every night as a bedtime ritual. How cute is that? I still get occasional email messages from people I don't know thanking me for the free AM/PM videos. I'm always surprised that people actually use these.”

Do you feel like things have changed for your business since making these videos?
“My business has grown, and although I can't measure it, I'm sure that having some more polished representations of my work contributed. I'm also much more comfortable with the medium thanks to a good initial experience with your professional guidance.”

Would you make more videos? If so, what would you make and what would you do differently?  If not, why not?

“Do I have to be in them? Lol. I actually have a couple of promotional videos in mind that I'd prefer a professional to produce. You'll be the first person I call if and when I decide to move forward on these.”

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